My choice of password is rejected by your platform

This article summarises our approach to security, in particular password controls within our range of products.

For your own security, we recommend you choose a password of at least 8 characters with a mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation characters when you create an account on Governance360.

We recommend the use of a unique password (external password manager applications such as Roboform or Lastpass may help you here).

Our platform is only accessible through the SSL protocols noted above, albeit we cannot be held responsible for how you access the internet and strongly suggest you ensure your environment is as secure as possible (for example we do not recommend you use public wifi to access the application).

The Board Portal web app will log-out when you leave the browser you are logged in with and will ask you to log-in once again to use the platform again. 

Our Academy app will sign-out automatically if there is no activity logged on the site thirty minutes after you log-in.  We have also set the application to not enable a 'simple' password to be used by an account holder - these checks are carried out automatically when you set up your account, our apologies if you find it frustrating to not be allowed to use a simple password but we believe that your security should come first.

Your data should be saved on a regular basis during your use of the App, so please sign-in again and you should find that your progress is ready at the place at which you left it.