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I want to close my account with Governance360

This article summarises your options to close your account with Governance360 and cease use of our products

I want to close my account with Governance360

This is not something that we ever willingly want to happen - in the first instance please let us know why and we will seek to resolve the problem that may have caused you to want to cease your use of Governance360 and our products.

If we cannot resolve the problem to your satisfaction, or you wish to cease your membership, please email our Support Team.  

We will strictly follow our GDPR procedures to initially disable, and then begin to remove the data provided under your account in line with our process.  In the first instance though, we will contact you to update you on the process we are following to disable your account, along with ceasing payment instructions to ensure you are not charged any further for use of the platform beyond that specified in our terms and conditions of use.